Thursday, January 21, 2010

Megabite Pizza - delicious delivery

Vancouver is filled with all kinds of restaurants, from fine dining to casual and everything in between. However, no matter how much elegance or variety or international appeal the food scene offers, sometimes all you want is a good, cheap slice of pizza! Whether you’re hurrying to another Olympic event or just looking to take something back to the hotel, pizza is a great comfort food. While there are numerous places for visitors to satisfy their pizza cravings during the Olympics, there are a few franchises that deserve some extra attention, and with its fresh ingredients and gourmet flavors, Megabite Pizza is well worth the notice.

About the restaurant: Megabite Pizza is a Vancouver based chain of pizza restaurants catering to both walk-in traffic and deliveries. The restaurants are your average fast-food pizza joints, with a sort of kitschy retro quality to the d├ęcor. It’s nothing particularly special, and it doesn’t need to be. There are usually five pizzas ready to serve and buy by the slice, though of course you can order other flavors if you prefer. For the most part, the aim is for quick and easy service so you can get your pizza as soon as possible.

However, be warned that several of the Megabite locations are near the nightclub/bar area of downtown, making this a very popular spot for inebriated clubbers and barhoppers to grab a bite to eat as the night wears on. Of course, this can be entertaining in its own right if you enjoy people watching!

Megabite also functions heavily as a pizza delivery, of course. Orders can be placed by phone or electronically; in fact, there are often incentives to order over their website, such as free appetizers etc. Their deliverymen are all friendly, helpful and very quick. Credit card and debit payment is available at your door.

The food:  Two things stand for me with Megabite’s pizzas; the crust and the genuine ingredients. The crusts are sprinkled with an unusual garnish: sesame seeds. I was surprised the first time I tried their pizzas and it took a bit of getting used to, but it does make a subtle difference. The effect gives the dough a sort of bakery quality taste, like a sesame seed bun, which contrasts nicely with the usual flavors of cheese and meat. Speaking of the meat, I was struck at how fresh it tasted, not to mention how genuine. They use real Italian sausage, sirloin steak, and so on in their pizzas, as well as great vegetables. You can really taste the results; Megabite pizzas are extremely savory and flavourful without being too greasy.

If you are ordering an entire pizza pie, you can do one of two things; custom order your toppings, or select one of the specialty pizzas on offer on the menu. Custom building your own pizza is usually cheaper and works well for groups with finicky eaters (as you can pick the one or two ingredients everyone likes). However, the speciality pizzas are usually more robust, with tons of toppings crowded on the pie. I’m particularly fond of the bacon cheeseburger pizza (ground beef, bacon and red onions) and the Meat Deluxe (pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef and chorizo). There are also several more unusual pizzas, like Tuscon Chicken (garlic, chicken, fresh basil, peppers and pine nuts) and Pizza Tokyo (teriyaki sauce, chicken, pineapple, and baked potatoes!)

Megabite also offers several non-pizza dishes and appetizers. The cheese garlic sticks are particularly popular; you can feel the chunks of garlic in it, but the flavor is perfect without being overpowering. I also like their honey garlic wings.

My favourites:  Bacon Cheese Burger, Meat Deluxe, Hawaiian, honey garlic wings, cheese garlic sticks.

Cost:  As befits a pizza joint, prices are extremely reasonable, more so than popular franchises like Panagos and Pizza Hut. At the restaurant itself, one big slice of pizza will cost you around $2, and a full pie can cost as little as $10. Delivery deals vary anywhere from $13 (for one large 2 topping pizza and two drinks, enough for two people) to $32 (2 large specialty pizzas, wings, spinach roll, 2l of pop - enough for an army!) 

NOTE: If you are planning to order delivery, the Megabite website often has deals for ordering online.

Take-out?:  Yes.

Delivery?:  Yes! This is one of the mainstays of Megabite. Any delivery is free as long as you order $15 or more. Their website offers a wide variety of deals for delivery. However, as of writing this, Megabite was not able to confirm delivery availability during the Olympics; due to road closures, some areas of the city may be off limits. It’s best to call ahead and confirm.

Licensed?:  No.

Location(s):  There are several restaurants located in the downtown area, with a few farther flung locations as well. Link to Google Maps.

Website and menu: Here.

Summary:  Every Friday night, I order a delivery from one of two restaurants in all of Vancouver; Megabite Pizza is one of those two. Its fresh ingredients and excellent prices appeal to locals and visitors alike. When you’re looking to celebrate your country’s latest gold medal with a room party and a slice of pizza, make Megabite your first choice.

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