Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More great Vancouver food bloggers and sites

Time for another post extolling the virtues of Vancouver restaurant and food blogs that aren't me! ;-) 

Cheap Appetite is definitely a must-see blog for anyone looking for budget food in Vancouver. Like me, the author has been making a point of covering cheap but delicious food in Vancouver (and occasionally further afield!), for everything from fast food to international cuisine (we share a love of sushi, it seems!) 

Vancouver Food and Wine focuses mainly on local food and "locavore" trends, so anyone looking for fresh produce, wine and ingredients that come from the Vancouver area specifically would do well to check it out. I particularly like their guide to Olympic eating here. They've even crossposted some of my own articles!

Eat Me Here in Vancouver is another great restaurant blog with a cute and quirky method of reviewing (using adorable smiley/frowny faces instead of number scores). It's an amazing looking blog too, with easy navigation and fantastic pictures of the food in question!

There are also some non-blog websites that international Olympic visitors may find handy:

Food Vancouver serves as a sort of database for Vancouver restaurants, with each restaurant page having a list of quick facts such as price range, opening times, etc. 

Urbanspoon is an invaluable resource for visitors, foodies and food bloggers alike. Like Food Vancouver, it serves as a database for almost every restaurant in Vancouver, but trades off comprehensive information for more polish and user input. Many restaurants have professional and blog reviews listed as well as user-submitted comments.  I highly recommend this site.

Visit Vancouver's dining site is nowhere near as comprehensive as others, but if you are looking for a short quick list of some recommended locations, it's not a bad selection.


CheapAppetite said...

You're a machine! I don't know how you can write 25 post in a month, but somehow you have managed to do so. Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I'm glad to know another blogger friend with similar interest:)


Michelle Clough said...

Hehe, I have to admit that it's been pretty exhausting! Probably once the Olympics are over, I'll slow down a lot... but I wanted to be sure I had plenty of content ready to go. It's great to have a fellow interested blogger!

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