Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poutine through the eyes of Follow Me Foodie!

Whenever people start asking about truly Canadian dishes, things you can get here and nowhere else, poutine always seems to come up. Originating in Quebec, this is a popular dish consisting of french fries smothered - and I mean smothered - in cheese curds and gravy, as well as other optional ingredients.

This is something that international visitors should definitely try, and something I feel obligated to recommend as part of my coverage of cheap, good Canadian food. Unfortunately, there's a mild snag... I don't personally like poutine. I have a rather unfortunate aversion to any cheese except mozzarella, so as a result I've never been able to really appreciate poutine the way it should be.

But never fear! A fellow foodie blogger has leapt to the rescue! Follow Me Foodie has a wonderful blog about Vancouver restaurants, but on top of that she has recently embarked on a series of video posts about some of the best places to get poutine in the city. She was also nice enough to give me permission to repost them here. Ain't she awesome?

Again, these are not my videos. They are from Follow Me Foodie. All praise and questions therefore go to her. Check out her video channel if you're interested in further installments!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Thanks so much to Follow Me Foodie!


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