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Boston Pizza - family restaurant meets sports bar

While North Americans are most likely familiar with this chain of restaurants, other international visitors may be new to "BP". While the name suggests a pizza parlour, Boston Pizza offers a far more robust menu. With the perfect blend of family and sports bar atmosphere, it's a great place to come and catch the Olympics with some satisfying entrees.

About the restaurant:  Despite the name, Boston Pizza was actually founded in Canada back in 1964. Since then, it has enjoyed success with 325 locations all over Canada, with another fifty in the States. Part of its popularity has been due to its dual marketing as both a casual family restaurant and a separate sports bar; as such, it's a perfect venue for families, teams, and fans looking to watch the game. The décor combines simple diner style with sports influences, with plenty of hockey jerseys, football photos and other memorabilia on the walls, as well as, of course, some flat-screen TVs broadcasting sports games. Service is friendly and prompt. The seating is comfortable and not too crowded, and the bar is kept slightly separate so as to allow for better traffic flow. Be warned, however, that things can get quite loud at times, thanks to a combination of cheering sports fans and excited kids.

Taken from the Boston Pizza website

The food: Obviously, pizza is one of the most popular offerings at Boston Pizza. Aiming for a "gourmet" pizza experience, BP offers versions of classics like pepperoni and Hawaiian as well as unusual flavors such as Szechuan (chicken, bacon, peppers, sesame seeds and green onions with Szechuan sauce) and BBQ pulled pork pizza. The ingredients are varied and fresh, from the bacon to the banana peppers. The tomato sauce isn't overpowering, and the pizza base is crispy on the outside with an almost fluffy interior. If you're looking for pizza that's a step above delivery, this is a great option.

Taken from the Boston Pizza website

Boston Pizza also makes very good pasta, with lots of authentic Italian ingredients. The cannellonis and lasagna are particular favorites among my friends. Beyond Italian dishes, Boston Pizza also offers excellent starters, the most popular of which are their wings, which can be ordered oven-roasted or breaded with a selection of six different flavors. Rounding out the menu is a respectable selection of salads and sandwiches appropriate to a casual family restaurant. BP also encourages customers to "build their own" pizzas, pastas and sandwiches.

Lastly, there are the desserts, which are absolutely fantastic. Plenty of selection for chocolate lovers as well as apple crisp, cheesecake and other staples. I highly recommend the Chocolate Explosion, a mousse cake filled with chunks of cheesecake as well as toffee, fudge, and other delights.

Taken from the Boston Pizza website

My favourites:  The Meateor, Bacon Double Cheeseburger pizza, beef dip, Chocolate Explosion, apple crisp.

Cost:  Boston Pizza is very reasonable for the amount of food you get, and there are often several deals available for people on a budget. As of writing, for example, they are offering "BP Bundles" which include a starter, side and entrée for $9. Pizzas go from $10 for an individual serving to $30 for a large, which can usually serve a group of 4-6 or more. Pasta goes for around $15, while burgers and sandwiches go from $10 to $15.

Take-out?:  Yes. Orders can be phoned ahead.

Delivery?:  Yes, although as of writing, it is uncertain how Olympic traffic closures will affect their ability to deliver.

Licensed?:  Yes. Fully stocked bar available.

Location(s):  There are several scattered throughout Vancouver, with the central one on Broadway. Link to Google Maps.

Website and menu: Here.

Summary:  Whether you're an eager Olympics fan ready to cheer on your country or a family looking for great food at a good price, Boston Pizza is an excellent choice. Offering safe and satisfying meals at affordable rates, it's no wonder that this Canadian franchise has continued to attract customers from all walks of life.

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