Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Go Fish - fresh from the boats

There is a great appeal in savoring one’s fish and chips while overlooking the very boats that bring in the fish, not to mention spectacular views of the mountains, the city, and the sea. Go Fish provides all this and more, with tender and fresh seafood, deliciously seasoned fries, and a literal breath of fresh air.

About the restaurant:  If it weren’t for its superb location, Go Fish would seem very unimpressive. It consists of a single small food stall with a tiny patio, stuck in the middle of a parking lot for the wharf. The seating is a bit rickety, with some chairs laid out on the parking lot or by the dock fences. The minimalist approach, however, works perfectly against the background of the wharf, giving it a cheery and unpretentious air. Of course, the stunning views don’t hurt either!

Go Fish is a huge favourite with locals, and as such usually has long lineups, especially on sunny days. Orders are made at one window and picked up at another, with no table service. The cooks and staff are very cheery and helpful, but expect a wait for your fish and chips as they are often backed up. Take the time to do some people watching or enjoy the scenery while you wait!

NOTE: the stall is closed on Mondays… apparently that’s when all the fishing gets done.

The food:  Seafood does not get much fresher than this. Go Fish’s seafood is moist, tender, and succulent, with a perfect subtle flavor to it. The batter for the fish is crispy and light without weighing you down too much, and sets off the flesh perfectly. Special mention also goes to their fries, which are handcut, super crunchy and lightly seasoned with pepper. I never get a meal without a side order of them, and the portions are large enough to satisfy even the largest of appetites.

If you’re looking for non-fried options, there are several interesting alternatives available. For example, the scallop sandwich features a giant scallop lightly grilled and served on a toasted bun, with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and tangy sauce. I’m also a fan of their grilled cod sandwich, with similar toppings (save for tempura onions) and a very juicy and savory slice of cod. Lastly, one big favorite with many visitors is the fish tacos, tuna or salmon wrapped in a tortilla and served with salsa. Keep an eye on their daily specials; they don’t change very often, but there may be something unusual and new to try.

My favourites:  Cod and chips, scallop sandwich, grilled cod sandwich.

Cost:  The price of fish and chips is, for the most part, quite reasonable, with one piece of cod + fries coming to about $7.50. The seafood sandwiches, unfortunately, are quite a bit more expensive and do not come with any fries; the scallop sandwich by itself is $11.

Take-out?:  Yes, and you can call ahead.

Delivery?:  No.

Licensed?:  No.

Location(s):  On Fisherman’s Wharf, accessible from the sea wall or from 1st Avenue. Link to Google Maps.

Website and menu: No website, but menu is available here.

Summary:  Go Fish is one of those little “secrets” of Vancouver that everyone knows about. The million-dollar views combined with fresh and tasty fish have made this tiny little stall a local favorite for years. This is one secret that should be shared with our Olympic visitors.

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I've heard about this place for a long time now but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Your review makes me want to eat there. Next time I'm in the neighborhood, I'll definitely go to Go Fish. Great work:)

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