Friday, January 15, 2010

Koho's Restaurant and Bar - relaxed airport dining

With so many visitors coming to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, traffic at Vancouver International Airport is going to go up in leaps and bounds. This means plenty of people will be looking for a place to eat while waiting for their planes, or perhaps even if they’re really puckish after arriving. While the food court in the International Departure area is perfectly serviceable, if you have more time or want a more relaxed atmosphere, Koho Restaurant and Bar is a great place to go.

About the restaurant:  Koho is situated between the international departure desks and the food court; it’s open to the rest of the airport, with low fences instead of walls enclosing it. The downside of this is that, despite its slightly upscale nature, you still get a lot of the noise and bustle of a busy airport and the nearby food court. On the other hand, this can be quite entertaining if you enjoy people watching or a more lively atmosphere. The restaurant itself is sleek and modern, with plenty of comfortable seats. Around the bar, there are several TVs broadcasting sports, news, and other programs,  making it a nice place to relax and catch up with the world.

The waiters and waitresses are, for the most part, very friendly and helpful. As the restaurant is based in an airport, the staff are used to the requirements of travellers and are eager to accommodate you. There is a back room for storing luggage, but you are also allowed to leave it beside your table if you are concerned about it. You can also access power outlets and the airport’s free wi-fi.

The food:  The menu is typical for your average bar-and-restaurant, with an emphasis on Asian and Pacific fusion cuisine such as ginger beef (which is crispy and satisfying while not too spicy) as well as steaks, salads and sandwiches. The meat dishes are tender and savory, and the various battered items are light and non-greasy. I particularly enjoy their fries, as they’re not too filling and have just the right amount of salt. All in all, there’s very little in terms of original or unusual dishes, but what they have is of high enough quality to make this my restaurant of choice when at the airport.

My favourites:  Beef dip, ginger beef, fries.

Cost: Unfortunately, due to the prime location of Koho’s, the meals are more expensive here than you would find elsewhere; tack on an extra dollar or two to your regular bar-restaurant prices.

Take-out?: No.

Delivery?: No.

Licensed?:  Yes. Koho’s has a fully stocked bar with a wide variety of beer, cocktails, mixers and Canadian wine.

Location(s):  In Vancouver International Airport. Link to Google Maps.

Website and menus: None.

Summary: While Koho’s Restaurant and Bar is a bit more on the pricey side compared to other restaurants I’ve written about, it gets bonus points for its convenient location, nice atmosphere and high-quality food. While those in a hurry may prefer the food court or other fast food options, those with a bit of time to spend should give Koho’s a try.

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