Monday, January 18, 2010

Other great Vancouver food bloggers and sites

Hello readers! I hope you have all enjoyed this blog so far, whether you're a prospective Olympic visitor or just an interested local. My goal in writing this blog has been to share some of my favorite cheap places to eat in Vancouver, and that's all well and good. Having said that, there are plenty of great food blogs that are worth checking out. Many of them are run by devoted and experienced foodies with an even wider range of tastes and favorites, and cover both budget and high-class dining. With that in mind, if you're perhaps looking for a place to splurge, or reviews of more exotic cuisine than I've covered, you should check out these blogs!

NOTE: Most of these blogs do not only cover budget dining; however, if you peruse the post labels you will usually find a tag for "budget" or for a specific price range.

Follow Me Foodie: A fantastic, indepth and extremely active blog of every kind of Vancouver dining. Each review covers the ambience, price, food quality and so on as well as info bites on the restaurant and a detailed review of some sample dishes. The writer is totally friendly and awesome as well!

Chow Times: This is more of a general food blog in that it also includes recipes as well, but there are plenty of sections on dining out in Vancouver. The blogger, Ben, manages to find all sorts of really good deals, and he tells it like it is.

Vancouver Slop: A very hip and trendy blog written by a group of Vancouver friends. I'll let them say it best: "This blog will review our regular spots, the hype spots that you have to wait in line for, and the gems that even the hipsters have not found out about. It will also diss the spots that have been getting undeserving hype." Very popular.

Vancouver Foodster: Another review blog, this time with a focus on more "quirky" establishments and dining options (e.g. a fondness for "Afternoon Tea") Especially worth a look at they, like me, are working on a series of posts on where to eat for the 2010 Olympics: see them here.

Dine Out Here Vancouver: Another excellent blog dedicated to Vancouver restaurants. One thing I like about this site is the quality of the photographs; while all the people listed so far take great photos, these seem to have a little something extra to them that makes the mouth water. NOTE: the categories for searching are at the bottom of the page.

Hungry Hank: A website covering restaurants all over Canada (link goes to their Vancouver section). This features user reviews of restaurants, so you can get a quick impression of a restaurant from other customers. The homepage also has their own recommendations of where to dine for the 2010 Olympics.

And lastly, a few "one off" posts:

Some reviews of New Westminster restaurants from Bob Broughton. He also recommends the food court in the Crystal Mall (convenient as it's near Metrotown and the main Skytrain station) and the Latin Quarter on Commercial Drive.

Best Places to Eat during 2010 Olympics from

And lastly, from user geoffmobile:


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