Friday, February 5, 2010

My Top 5 Delivery Restaurants

Between working from home and being an unrepentant geek, I spend a lot of time in my apartment, and as such often indulge in my fair share of ordering in delivery. Luckily, Vancouver offers plenty of options for those seeking a relaxed and tasty meal at home. Soon visitors can enjoy a quiet night watching the Olympics in their hotel rooms or rented condos with some great delivery food. While there are plenty of great restaurants all over the city, here are my favorite five; order with confidence!

NOTE: During the Olympics, several key roads in Vancouver will be closed, which may interfere with delivery or impede it altogether. Be sure to phone ahead when ordering.

5. Fresh Slice Pizza
One of the cheapest pizza places in the city, Fresh Slice offers fresh ingredients and a slightly "healthier" approach to pizza in terms of baking. Finding the nearest restaurant for delivery can be tricky (or, at least, it used to be) but it's worth it. Also offers several great takeout options, like 8 slices for $10, or unbaked pizza to bake yourself. Website is here.

4. TIE - Panago and Pizza Hut
Most people already know of these two mega-franchises, and with pretty good reason; their pizza has proven very popular all over the world. I personally prefer Panago's pizza in terms of crust and toppings, especially their meat lovers and bacon double cheeseburger offerings, but their pizzas are a little more expensive as a rule. In contrast, Pizza Hut is a little more fatty and greasy (though still very tasty) but offers better deals. You can also check out their menus here or here (you can order online at Pizza Hut's website).

Whenever I'm in the mood for Chinese food, this is the restaurant I call. While it can sometimes be a bit difficult to communicate via phone, the rewards are well worth it, with tempura and battered dishes still crispy and warm as they arrive at your door. Sauces such as sweet and sour are served separately, allowing you to smother your dishes or use them as dip. Lin's also offers several dinner combo options. Website is here.

Probably my favorite pizza place in the city, Megabyte combines fresh ingredients and gourmet pizza flavors while still offering reasonable prices. Their side dishes are also delicious and worth the price of admission alone. Orders can also be placed via their website; there are even promotional offers where online orders receive free items. As of writing, their newest promotion is an Olympics special: order 2 medium 2 topping pizzas and get an order of (great) cheese garlic sticks for free. Website is here.

1. Shin Ju
Oh Shin Ju... I've ordered from this place so many times that the staff know the address by heart. Shin Ju offers really high quality Japanese dishes at an extremely reasonable price. I will be doing a full review later, as this is one of my all time favorite Japanese restaurants in the entire city, despite not being particularly famous or well-known among foodies. The take-out menu offers all the basics you would expect and a few surprises here and there; you can also ask for things from the main sit-down menu such as okonomiyaki or takoyaki. The delivery is also very fast; despite their humble insistence that it will take 45 minutes to deliver, they usually get it to me in 20. Of course, I'm one of their regulars! If you like Japanese food but can't be bothered to hoof it into the city, give Shin Ju a call. Website is here.


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